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    Contact person:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       Data source:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       

    Kaohsiung - Ubiquitous Service

    • The Kaohsiung City Government, iPASS, and Bank of Kaohsiung are working in cooperation to combine Kaohsiung City Government’s municipal services, iPASS mobile payment, and Bank of Kaohsiung’s digital finance to create innovative and high-quality convenient lifestyle services. This will enable Kaohsiung City Government to enhance the service volume, iPass to generate people and customer traffic, and the Bank of Kaohsiung to increase cash flow and the number of new accounts, so that citizens can easily get the corresponding services, forming “Kaohsiung-as-a-Service” (KaaS) and becoming the leader of all six cities and counties across Taiwan with its ubiquitous services.




      Information and Image Source: Information Management Center, Kaohsiung City Government