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Technological Asia New Bay Area, Smart Kaohsiung

    Contact person:Kaohsiung City Smart City Project Management Office       Data source:Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau       

    Technological Asia New Bay Area, Smart Kaohsiung

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      2021 is a milestone in Kaoshiung smart city. Firstly, this is Kaohsiung’s first time to be part of the smart city exhibition’s co-host. Department of Transportation’s “Smart Intersection Anti-Collision” also earned this year’s innovative application award. Mayor Chi-Mai Chen also, at the ceremony, thanked President Tsai again for 350 million USD dollars over 5 years plan to support Asia New Bay Area to become Taiwan’s most comprehensive 5G AIoT trial site, smart city’s newcomer. At the same time, the Mayor thanked Tseng-Chang Su, President of the Executive Yuan, and the associated ministries and commissions’ support, which accelerates Kaohsiung technology smart city development.

      Mayor Chi-Mai Chen also said, the central government’s funding gave Kaohsiung a great chance, and brings about more opportunities and challenges. Kaohsiung will keep the mindset to deliver better public services, and put forward investment and promotion discounts to attract more vendors and businesses to land in Kaohsiung to develop public and private business relationships, to shape innovative supply chain and to build the smart city together.

      Mayor Chi-Mai Chen announced, for the Asia New Bay Area development, aside from the central government funding, Kaohsiung City Government will also provide equipment investment over 400 million NTD to enjoy a 0% interest financing interest. At designated sites, the rent will also have the “006688” incentive, the first 2 years rent free, 3rd and 4th year 40% off, 5th and 6th year 20% off. Newly constructed plants and factories will enjoy at most 200 million over 5 years for building tax. On employee wages, there will be up to 25% of wages subsidy, for up to 200 individuals, to attract younger people to come back to Kaohsiung. These promotions incentivize more and more businesses to land at Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung, through public and private partnership, will develop smart services models and shape the innovative supply chain.

      Kaohsiung adopted “Technological Asia New Bay Area, Smart Kaohsiung” as the theme for the Smart City Summit & Expo, demonstrating Asia New Bay Area as the core of smart Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung will build comprehensive 5G network, smart poles and other smart infrastructure, building flagship level solutions, and promote smart services to every part of Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung can quickly export smart products and services to new southbound countries by utilizing the advantage that Kaohsiung has both an international seaport and airport.

      Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government’s award-winning “Smart Intersection Anti-Collision” plan implemented CMS at roadsides, and incorporated short distance wireless transmission technology. By implementing On Board Units on light railway trains, drivers can receive alert information. By implementing Changeable Message Sign, the system can send alert signals when the light railway train passes through. Before implementing “Smart Intersection Anti-Collision”, every month light railway has 1.65 cases of traffic accidents. After the project implementation at 4 intersections, now every month there is only 0.3 cases of traffic accidents, nearly reducing the accident rate by 80%. This information alert system can send alert information before a vehicle makes a right turn unlawfully, at nearly 20 meters before the intersection, and can predict 90% correctly to provide more time for the driver to react to situations, and to prevent accidents from happening.

      Kaohsiung is the only one out of the six cities in Taiwan that has a city bank. Bank of Kaohsiung is also a part of the smart city project. Rui-Bin Dong, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Kaohsiung said, to satisfy citizens’ variety of ways of payment, Bank of Kaohsiung will work with Kaohsiung City Government Information Center to promote standardized platform for fees and specifications. Bank of Kaohsiung will integrate the fee payment systems across the bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. This is to reduce maintenance costs and operating personnel costs, improve data accuracy and management efficiency, provide citizens with more convenient payment methods, shape the local financial ecosystem, and lay the cornerstone for the development of Kaohsiung's smart city cash flow services. Bank of Kaohsiung also said they would continue working with Kaohsiung City Government.  Bank of Kaohsiung will assist public treasury digitalization, respond to smart city policies, and provide citizens a more convenient solution for financial services.

       “Technological Asia New Bay Area, Smart Kaohsiung” as the theme demonstrates how the government applied smart technologies in areas of transportation, safety, healthcare…etc. On March 24, 2021, Kaohsiung city hall held “New Southbound International Smart City Forum”, and held discussion with smart city representatives from southbound countries.


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