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Smart Education

    Contact person:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       Data source:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       

    DR Live Classroom

    • DR Live Classroom is a forward-looking platform that combines livestreaming and digital learning that was created by the Education Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government. Through the platform’s livestreaming function, students can go online for learning anywhere there is an Internet connection, which can help enhance students’ learning autonomy and drive. At home, parents can also participate in the classes with their children and understand their children’s learning status.


      The DR Live Classroom live courses allows distance learning from anywhere. Children in remote areas can participate in the live classes through the platform, which will be via the learning mode of “one teacher livestreaming and many students learning together”, and create a model of “digital care and smart lifestyle” in the remote areas of Kaohsiung City.


      Information Source: Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

    AI Smart Island

    • The Education Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government launched the “E-Game AI Smart Island” in conjunction with the “Ministry of Education 2020 E-Game Online Competition” in 2020, with the AI Smart Island theme of “Smart AI Interdisciplinary Learning - Creating New Thinking in Programming”. The aim was to provide teachers and students nationwide with game learning from Kaohsiung City’s Education Bureau E-Game website. E-Game is currently used by 7.07 million people in 22 counties and cities.


      The AI Smart Island is based on the theme of artificial intelligence, with reference to the structure and concept of the Ministry of Education’s AI teaching materials for elementary and middle schools. Through different units such as image recognition, voice recognition, decisionmaking tree, and cluster algorithm, students are taught about AI in daily life through a game-like teaching method, while practical experience sessions are also provided.


      Information Source: Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government