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    Kaohsiung City Emergency Rescue Cloud Network

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      To ensure that disaster rescue can occur at the first instance, and in response to the popularization of “smart mobile devices” and “wireless network”, the Fire Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government completed the app in 2016. In 2018, the integration of the system platforms of each department was completed, and the 119 emergency rescue management system and mobile rescue system were set up to integrate data of maps and reports, allowing for precise dispatch and maximum success in the emergency rescue. To achieve ambulance and medical triage and to prevent sending all patients to the same hospital, which will cause the overloading of emergency rooms, when a hospital reports to Kaohsiung City’s Emergency Medical Operation Center (EMOC) that its emergency room is at full capacity, the full-capacity notice can be sent to the tablet computer on the ambulances of the Fire Bureau through the “Kaohsiung City Emergency Rescue Cloud Network” function. This will enable the paramedics to check the admission status of the emergency room of each hospital in real time. Paramedics can also send back information such as the name of the receiving hospital, the severity of the patient’s condition and whether it is one of the four time-critical emergencies (OHCA without vital signs, suspected AMI, suspected cerebrovascular accident or stroke, or major trauma) via the tablet computer to notify the hospital to prepare for emergency treatment as early as possible to enhance the patient’ recovery rate .

      After the enhancement of the 119 system, the ambulance dispatch has improved from 54.6 seconds in 2014 to 31 seconds today. The “Kaohsiung City Emergency Rescue Cloud Network” won the 2020 Smart City Innovation Application Award .


      Information and Image Source: Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government