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Kaohsiung Smart City Committee Establishment

    Contact person:Kaohsiung City Smart City Project Management Office        Data source:Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau       

    Kaohsiung Smart City Committee Establishment

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      On December 25, 2020, under the announcement of Kaohsiung City Mayor Chi-Mai Chen, the Kaohsiung Smart City Committee was established. Mayor Chen Chi-Mai as the convener, gives out committee member certificate, and signed MOU for smart city applications with domestic and international businesses. He also invited all the smart city industry related businesses to join Kaohsiung smart city opening ceremony, to inject more energy to Kaohsiung.

      Chi-Mai Chen, Mayor of Kaohsiung City, represents the government, signed MOU with Siemens, Chunghwa Telecom Co., FET, TWM, Compal, Askey, EstiNet Technologies Inc, Studio X-Gene Co. LTD, ARTC…etc. on areas of digital technologies human resource, smart city application services, self-driving car application development, smart healthcare, 5G AIoT, smart agriculture.

      Chen Chi-Mai, Mayor of Kaohsiung City, thanked central government’s full support. As the mayor of Kaohsiung city, he will fully promote Kaohsiung to become a smart city, not only improving citizen’s life, but also improve public service quality, most importantly, to industrialize smart application services, and build a comprehensive ecosystem. He also thanked all the businesses that attended the 5G AIoT International Alliance last month. City hall is determined, and is confident to build the most comprehensive 5G AIoT trial site, let startups and all application services companies to perform point-to-point applications.

      Chen Chi-Mai, Mayor of Kaohsiung City, also hopes to expand the scope of public services, including healthcare, transportation, and others. Kaohsiung can definitely offer the most friendly and most efficient integration platform. He mentioned that in the past, government promoted smart applications across various domain, and recent technological epidemic prevention cross-domain integration, combining public sector and electronic commerce platform, successfully defended Taiwan against Covid-19. These success stories will also support Taiwan in the future for becoming a smart nation and the ability to establish soft skills.

      This meeting has two experts for panels, firstly, “Smart Governance X Big Data”, and secondly, “Digital Industries X New Southbound” as the themes. The first one is held by Audrey Tang, Minister without portfolio, Executive Yuan, and Lee-Feng Chien, Board of Science And Technology, Executive Yuan. Cheng-Hung Cho, CEO, Institute for Information Industry, and Chun-Shen He, Managing Director, Advantech, held the second panel. The panels discussed how to use technology to solve governance issues, develop public services, and promote digital industry development and southbound export issues.

       Kaohsiung Smart City Committee Establishment

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