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Smart Energy

    Contact person:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       Data source:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       

    Smart Green Energy Optoelectronics and Cloud Energy Monitoring System

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      By installing smart digital meters, all the information of the photovoltaic power station can be uploaded to the cloud database. The operation of the photovoltaic power station can be analyzed through cloud database computing to keep track of the information of the solar power systems. It also monitors the electricity consumption so that users can understand the status of electricity usage and whether the contracted capacity has been exceeded, and it conducts power saving self-diagnosis to improve the efficiency of electricity consumption to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.

      When the power generation is abnormally low or the electricity consumption is higher than the set alarm value, the system will notify the user through Line and email immediately, so that the user can adjust the electricity consumption immediately, such as: turn on the air conditioner, water dispenser, energy-consuming equipment at different times or pair with the use of an automatic control system to reduce the time that the electrical appliances are on, so it would not result in over-consumption.

      Historical data can be checked to review the electricity consumption of the building and evaluate whether to replace with energy-saving appliances. By replacing with energy-efficient appliances, it can reduce electricity consumption and electricity cost.


      Information and Image Source: Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government