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Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

    Kaohsiung is a beautiful harbor city that has been devoted to digital transformation in recent years, aiming to establish Asia Bay as a hub for 5G AIoT industries. This effort has attracted both domestic and international enterprises to settle in the area. Through public-private collaboration, innovative technologies are being practically validated in various fields within Kaohsiung, including transportation, healthcare, agriculture, public safety, firefighting, and smart governance. These achievements have garnered recognition and numerous awards both domestically and internationally.

    Kaohsiung is also a crucial industrial city in Taiwan. In response to the global Net-Zero trend, it has embraced digital technology as the foundation for its industry-wide efforts toward achieving Net-Zero emissions. Guided by policies such as the Industrial Net Zero Alliance and local ordinances for Net-Zero city development, Kaohsiung is accelerating its transition towards becoming a Net-Zero city. The first International City COP (Conference of the Parties) will be hosted in Kaohsiung City, inviting cities from around the world to come together, share smart Net-Zero solutions, and collaborate towards achieving the 2050 Net-Zero target.

    2024 KSCSE

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