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Kaohsiung Pavilion

    Resilient City Public Works Management and Decision Support Platform
    Kaohsiung Public Works Bureau’s Resilient Urban Works Management and Decision-making Assistance Platform (Phase 1) integrates existing subsystems and cross-bureau IoT information and various types of 3D models, and also introduces AI smart decision-making innovation technology to create a digital twin platform of Kaohsiung, thereby improving the bureau’s project management efficiency and smart decision-making.

    Smart Networked Fire Fighting Robot
    The country's first IoT smart networked firefighting robot won the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award. With image lens, thermal display and gas detector mounted on top, it can spray water to extinguish fires, monitor gas, and combining with IoT smart network tech, it can simultaneously send back scene images to people, to commanding vehicles or 911 command center. Those info allows  personnel and commanders to quickly assess on-site situation and provides reference for fire extinguishing, tactics, protection, and decision-making. 

    Application Technology:
    ‧Infrared thermal imaging lens, AI monitoring hot spots
    ‧Powerful towing ability, remote control distance of 300 meters
    ‧Five-purpose gas detection alarm
    ‧Disaster scene information transmission and remote monitoring
    ‧The turret water output is 4,800 liters per minute, and the effective range is 80 meters
    ‧Climbing angle 35 degrees, obstacle clearance height 17 centimeters

    5G Smart Train FRMCS Application Platform
    Taiwan Mobile has initiated a 5G FRMCS platform combining 5G with rail wireless communication and integrating existing TETRA function to support the needs of rail operation, multi-frequency communication and multi-map integrated applications. 5G with AI high-speed computing enables instantly identifing platform obstacles and monitoring the flow of passengers. At the same time, 3D LiDAR and 2D CCTV are used interactively for identifing and track inspection to maintain the safety of train operations effectively.

    During the ride, passengers can receive data of attractions, store discounts, and municipal information through AR interactive sightseeing guide services, which also combined with virtual and real games to create an immersive digital riding experience for Kaohsiung light rail transit.

    Kaohsiung Digital Citizen
    In the Kaohsiung Digital Citizen exhibition area, the main focus will be applications of Kaohsiung coins, promotion of pet-friendly services, and opportunities for stores using citizen cards. There are on-site interactions for visitors to experience the process of operation, accumulation and redemption of Kaohsiung coins and details on how to link pet owner’s with a citizen card. The exhibition welcomes enterprises from all walks of life to participate in cooperation and help Kaohsiung move towards smart life.

    Sports Technology for a New Experience
    Physical Check for Precise Health Data.
    Tech Assistance to Build Core Muscles.
    Walkii Kaohsiung for Gift and Health.

    All are Invited to Move and Run

    ICAROS CLOUD provides total body training for you at home, studio and gym. Unstable exercise strengthens core muscles and builds incredible upper body muscles and improves coordination and balance. Like all ICAROS products, ICAROS CLOUD has a digital interface that allows one to easily experience ICAROS training with smartphone or tablet.
    With a variety of courses, ICAROS CLOUD provides many efficient training possibilities, making it a daily companion for personal sports.

    【Walking Around Kaohsiung】
    Kaohsiung’s 12 popular sports routes are set as digital interactive trial sites. Sensing devices and GPS are combined with Walkii APP "Walking Around Kaohsiung" which includes interesting tasks and reward mechanism for citizens to go out and participate in the experience of digital technology and fun interactive sports, creating exercise lifestyle in Kaohsiung!

    【Protect your life in 3 minutes - AI body posture detection】
    The 3 minute body posture detection provides a convenient way to instantly understand the skew angle of body bones and condition of muscles and fascia, and helps to prevent physical discomfort. With this test, one immediately gets exclusive recommended exercise video to effectively improve posture problems and health. This service is easy and quick for those who concern about their own health and allows them to easily maintain a good physical condition.

    Kaohsiung Health 4.0 
    Kaohsiung Health 4.0 has deeply introduced Docloop.AI tech in various fields, including medical institution, community leaders, senior clubs, etc., to achieve digital health management and intelligent governance. Technology and data management models are used to develop AI assistant, AI community leader and Line chat robots to the public for health education consultation and neighborhood care, etc. The tools allow people to easily manage their health and when integrating with other services, to establish a Kaohsiung health data network.

    In the Health Care Station, physical date is collected for analysis. It will then provide health report cards, reflecting one’s health status, and after AI extracting the data, giving specific health advice.
    AI Diet Identification analyzes food ingredients and calculates calories, records and tracks one’s own eating habits to provide dietary advice, such as fruit and vegetable intake, protein intake, etc., hoping to achieve healthy intake management and health education. It is committed to building a "Kaohsiung Health" network.

    Introducing the concept of Digital Twin, the Mental Health Center of Kaohsiung Health Bureau creates a digital avatar of an exclusive health manager and establish an expert knowledge base. At the same time, AI intelligence is in line@ to provide health consultation, health care, and outpatient tracking with reminder services. It can respond to health inquiry immediately, reduce repeated questions, and if needed, provide remote medical consultation.

    New Generation Smart Transportation System
    The "new generation smart transportation system" emphasizes AI optimization and big data analysis of traffic control systems. Through data exchange and integration of multiple units (such as public transportation, parking management, traffic safety, meteorology, etc.), API service data are provided for units to use. According to business needs, visual charts are developed and produce value-added services for smart transportation management. The system improves traffic incident response capabilities, shortens evacuating time of events, and achieves the smart travel management goals.

    Smart Water Monitoring Dense Network Plan
    The model displays and simulates three-dimensional flood control strategies such as stormwater sewers, regional drainage, pumping stations and flood detention facilities. Deploy high-density sensing elements for flood-prone areas, coordinate with monitoring big data, meteorological information, flood pattern analysis, facility operation dynamic information and the construction of a dense network platform to build smart water management and flood prevention operations.

    Kaohsiung Agrinfo System
    [Smart Service]
    Kaohsiung initiated a smart system called Kaohsiung Agrinfo and has enrolled more than 6500 users. The system can provide alarm services of 62 types of crops in an hour, visual analysis of production and sales information of more than 300 items of vegetables and fruits daily, and gives 2 local agricultural meteorological broadcasts weekly, so the farmers could act in time with the use of agricultural AI application. With subsidy program and public-private collaboration, 70 smart farms covering more than 630 hectares have been promoted in three years. Its achievement has been recognized by 5 awards in domestic and abroad.

    [My Agrinfo]
    The services of Kaohsiung Agrinfo are upgraded this year and “My Agrinfo,” a customized smart farming dashboard is offered to record multiple fields and crops, to display data of disaster warning, market transaction in the area as well as product management and reminders, risk assessment and notes taking. This tool allows farmers to record production history with images, generate QR codes for buyers to check, and thus shorten the distance with their consumers.

    “Big Data &AI Technology Counseling - Intelligent Drug Prevention System” - The Nation's First Technology Counseling and Automatic High-Risk Warning System for Drug Addicts!
    The Department of Substance Abuse Control and Prevention, under the Kaohsiung City Government, has launched the nation's pioneering "Intelligent Drug Prevention System." This innovative system leverages AI technology to aid individuals in overcoming drug addiction, placing its core focus on rehabilitation. With the integration of intelligent ICARES (AI+CARES) modules, counseling efficacy is significantly heightened, resulting in a notable decrease in recidivism. Furthermore, the system establishes automated high-risk alerts, genogram of multi-dimensional technology and facilitates cross-network connections, enabling proactive risk mitigation in the realms of drug prevention, public security, and social security. This initiative reflects a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), thereby advancing sustainable development goals.

    AI Speed-Calculation System for Traffic Accident Driving Image
    It’s very time-consuming for auditors to repeatedly watch driving images when analyzing traffic accidents. Kaohsiung City Police Department worked with tech company to develop an AI calculation speed system on traffic accident driving images, which applies AI automation technology and can significantly shorten the operation time.

    Kaohsiung LOHAS Smart Cloud Subsidy Program
    In promoting Kaohsiung to be a smart city, Kaohsiung City Government has initiated a new “Kaohsiung LOHAS" concept for building renovation since 2011. By using incentive mechanism, it has successfully introduced the concept in designing new buildings. On the other hand, the city government also launched a "Kaohsiung LOHAS Smart Cloud Subsidy Program" in 2020 to encourage and subsidize the installation of smart sensing equipment into existing buildings.

    Kaohsiung City Green Energy Information Management Platform
    Kaohsiung City Green Energy Management Information Integration System Platform uses smart cloud technology to promote the development of green energy. It integrates 3 major energy information-energy creation, energy saving and energy storage, and it delivers real-time photovoltaic power through situation room and energy map to the public intuitively and visually. The platform has already connected more than 500 renewable energy power generation sites and their real-time power generation date. This platform discloses most real-time power generation data nationwide. With further combining IoT cloud technology, it will speed up to promote both net-zero and digital transformation.

    2030 Kaohsiung MRT Network
    To create a convenient, friendly and livable system, a network of MRT Yellow line, Gangshan-LuJu extension line, Xiaogang-Linyuan line, and circular light rail lines are planned and constructed to expand urban service area, improving the convenience and efficiency of public transportation services, promoting balanced development among districts, and to connect transportation needs of industrial clusters in the northern Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung light rail line has a length of 22.1 kilometers and 38 stops; the MRT Red and Orange Lines have a length of 42.7 kilometers and 38 stops. It is expected to reach the goal of 112.38 kilometers and 114 stops by 2030.

    Carbon Calculator-National Carbon Reduction Mission
    FOOTPRINT is the impact that has been made. On the other hand, HANDPRINT represents what we’ve done to reduce carbon footprint and that accounts for our carbon reduction behavior.

    The carbon calculator currently provides tasks on food, shopping, and entertainment items. In daily life, people engage in carbon reduction just need to scan electronic invoices or store cloud invoices. And the system will automatically verify whether user's purchasing behavior meets the tasks.
    1. Image recognition: Scan QR code of invoices to see if each consumption items meets with carbon reduction requirement.
    2. Cloud computing and data interface technology: Using the integrated electronic invoice service platform of Ministry of Finance, the cloud invoices that public input in will be checked if it meets the carbon reduction conditions.

    Net Zero Institute
    Kaohsiung is a city based on manufacturing industries, such as steel, petrochemicals, electronics, screws and other industries. Each of them faces different requirements of carbon fees, CBAM, RE100, and global supply chains. While approaching to 2050 net-zero era, both industries and governments require lots of carbon management and green talents, thus Kaohsiung set up a Net Zero Academy in November 2023. It cooperates with international inspection agencies to offer ISO standard certificate courses. It also gathers academia and industry experts to offer general and technical courses and will continue to cooperate with universities and industries to set a complete net-zero talent foundation for Kaohsiung and build up a net-zero industry chain.

    Reuse of Incineration Bottom Ash
    To handle garbage properly can reduce epidemic diseases. Every year, the city produces about 180,000 metric tons of bottom ashes. Garbage after processing, the incineration bottom ash must pass through dioxin, particle size, impurities and heavy metals tests before it can be made into incineration recycled pellets and be used in public projects as a replacement of natural sand and gravel. It can also be used in cement products such as bricks, New Jersey guardrails and edge stones. The use of incineration recycled pellets in 2023 was 162,000 metric tons, the highest in Taiwan, and estimated to reduce 2,219 metric tons of carbon emissions. The target for 2024 is reducing 2,603 metric tons of carbon emissions.

    Kaohsiung City Climate Change and Urban Resilience Data Platform
    Kaohsiung established Climate Change and Urban Resilience Data Platform to framework carbon emission data (including urban carbon emission information, carbon emission maps, offset projects and corporate ESG), air quality data, water conservancy date, and agricultural data. Visually managing relevant data and integrating carbon emissions and resilient city big data information provides the basis for adjustment to build a resilient city.

    Kaohsiung City Carbon Offset Platform
    Kaohsiung Carbon Offset Platform website was launched to enhance carbon reduction capabilities, It serves as a channels to greenhouse gas reduction matching and voluntary reduction cooperation.
    1. Matching service: match companies with carbon reduction demand and those with equipment replacement needs. Companies can invest and assist in such equipment replacement to reduce carbon emission.
    2. Voluntary reduction project applications: have experts to evaluate feasible proposals and investors in order to increase the success rate.

    Introducing Mobile Signaling for Carbon Emission Analysis in Transportation
    To introduce Cellular-based Vehicle Probe (CVP), the plan developes a traffic detection model based on mobile signaling to estimate carbon emissions, and conducts vehicle analysis based on data characteristics. It then further calculates the switch rate of transferring from private to public transportation and evaluates how major transportation decision impacts carbon emission before and after implementation.

    The AI Parking Solution of Non-Barrier Gates for Net Zero Carbon
    This plan focuses on net-zero carbon emissions and public charging services for electric vehicles. The exhibition provides in-depth demo on fenced parking lots impact to carbon emission and present a new type of public charging service for electric vehicles without fences. Through demonstrations, people are aware of how fenceless parking lots and electric vehicle charging can effectively reduce energy use, and thus favor the usages of low carbon facilities to achieve net-zero carbon emissions goals. The plan is aimed at providing a more environmentally friendly and convenient way for people toward a new low-carbon life.

    Kaohsiung Plant Doctor Can Help
    As the technology develops, traditional agriculture is able to become smart agriculture by using the power of science and technology to improve product quality and efficiency. The Bureau commits to the safe source of agricultural products and the prevention and control of crop pests and diseases and takes the lead in local governments to set up “Kaohsiung Plant Doctor Can Help Platform," providing crop disease and pest early warning and plant doctors remote diagnosis services. Setting official LINE @khpp account for farmers to join and obtain instant plant-related services without any barriers, the online service allows to provide farmers the latest pesticide information.

    Kaohsiung’s Promotion on Recycled Water and Its AR Application
    Kaohsiung has Fengshan and Linhai reclaimed water plants in operation, as well as Qiaotou reclaimed water plant built in 2023 and Nanzi reclaimed water plant built in 2024. Among them, the construction process of Qiaotou plant uses BIM with AR for 4D inspection to assist personnel in inspecting the actual location of the building, structure, and mechanical and electrical equipment, to reduce construction and design differences, which is an important breakthrough in the field of smart city public construction of Kaohsiung City Government. In future, these four plants will supply 220,000 tons of reclaimed water per day for industrial use. This will not only stabilize industrial water use, but increase the flexibility of water dispatch for family use, and making Kaohsiung the benchmark in Taiwan's reclaimed water industry.