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Smart Argriculture

    Contact person:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       Data source:Kaohsiung Smart City Project Management Office       

    Kaohsiung Agri-Data

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      Kaohsiung Agri-Data integrates cross-domain agriculture big data to establish a common system mechanism and construct a common platform on agricultural industry information. It integrates big data on geographic information of 210 regions, 56 crop disaster prevention alerts, and 300 items of vegetable and fruit production and marketing information from the Kaohsiung Agricultural Surveys. It provides farmers with smart services for disaster prevention and smart production and marketing, which can assist farmers in disaster prevention and smart decisionmaking during the production period, as well as production and marketing plans in response to consumer habits and trends.

      Kaohsiung Agri-Data also provides instant access to production and marketing information, customizable push notification services and a status dashboard to enhance data readability. In addition, it actively enables open participation in crop disaster warning information services, and has launched a subsidy program for agricultural smart equipment and organized a service platform. It is hoped that public-private cooperation can accelerate the implementation of smart technology and help upgrade the agricultural industry in Kaohsiung, so as to achieve the vision of “Kaohsiung Smart Technology for Agricultural Development”.

      smart AGRI

      Information and Image Source: Agriculture Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government